Hot Gun! is a journal of contemporary poetry and criticism. (Its rubber scream sounds like "We would tell you we are here to purge the earth?") This issue of Hot Gun! makes you feel you are presented with i) a selection of poems by Timothy Thornton, Nour Mobarak, The Rejection Group, Francesca Lisette, John Wilkinson, Alexander Nemser, Jonty Tiplady, Luke Roberts and Justin Katko; and ii) a section of work on and by Edward Dorn, including essays by Reitha Pattison, John Armstrong, Kyle Waugh and Richard Owens; two unpublished poems by Dorn, "The Poem of Dedication" and "Osawatomie", with notes by Justin Katko; and Dorn's introductory note to The Book of Daniel Drew as well as an uncollected poem, "To Tom Pickard & the Newcastle Brown Beer Revolutionaries".

And to you, at last, remember the cost of experience. All law is an application of an equal measure to different people who are in fact not alike, are not equal to one another. That is why the "equal right" is a violation of equality and an injustice. It is 5pm and we are not here to build the perfect state, mounted as a system by which one group oppresses another. Which costs the world that is desire. Across his work, Dorn's writing is a struggle to keep the language of desire, not pure but free from the corruptions it will suffer when a community is stupefied by the power of others. The work on Dorn presented in this issue of Hot Gun! focuses on Dorn's anti-capitalism, emphasizing the materialist and political aspects of Dorn's writing, which are linked to a highly concentrated metaphysical discourse.

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